If you are an Apple employee who will be transferred to Apple’s new office space, tentatively called Apple Park, do not forget to leave home without your Lunch money just like you used to do in high school. It has been stated by high authority at Apple that employees will have to pay for their own lunch at the Apple Park office quarters.

According to Phonearena it is not that Apple cannot afford to pay for its staff’s food costs, but the establishment wants its employees to value the great service that will be provided to them.

Apparently, it was one of Steve Jobs’s own personal philosophies.

Apple is at the stage where it is putting the last finishing touches on its high-tech campus, called Apple Park. Jonathan Ivy, the Chief Design Officer of the Cupertino-based company, revealed an intriguing fact about this new and future Apple workplace. Ivy mentioned that the 12,000 Apple employees who will be stationed at Apple Park will have to pay for their own lunch at the campus cafeteria.

There is no free lunch at Apple Park

Some people would opine that Apple can certainly afford to pay for the lunches of its employees, but chooses not to.

It is projected that the Apple kitchen serves approximately 14,000 lunches a day each day to the employees of the firm. However, Apple states that there is a reason behind its decision to not pay for the staff’s lunch.

However, before revealing the decision, let's make it clear that Apple is not after making profits from the lunch money collected from its employees. The food served at the Apple Park cafeteria will be subsidized, so the prices will be lower than the standard normal rates.

Dan Whisenhunt, the head of the company’s real estate and development division, states that the food will not be given out for free as Steve Jobs himself believed that people do not value free lunches. Whisenhunt was quoted saying that it was Jobs’s philosophy that when people have their “skin in the game,” they appreciate it much more than before. Therefore, the company will not be offering any free meals to its employees.

Dishes available at Apple cafeterias

Apple serves some lip smacking food items in its cafeterias. One can get French toast with strawberries for just $4 and oysters for $1 each. Apart from these two, coq au vin, a French chicken dish prepared with wine can be ordered at the cafeteria along with varied types of sushi and Ahi Tuna. The tuna dish can be ordered for just $8.

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