Smartphones seem to be lasting longer these days. The typical smartphone now continues more than nine-and-a-half hours on one full battery, which is an hour longer than a year ago. How many times have you been in trouble when you were not at home and only had 10 percent of battery life remaining on your smartphone?

The empty battery

By now the smartphone has become a fundamental part of our lives for both work and to keep in touch with the loved ones. That is why the fear of running out of battery power is a problem, especially when it comes to emergency situations.

It is one of the significant common problems for many people around the world, but now it will not be as significant of a problem because a revolutionary cell phone application is coming. This app will especially help save battery power and will change both our lives and that of mobile phones.

The application that helps you your smartphone battery remain powered is developed by Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky Lab has developed an application called "Battery Life" that will allow us not to avoid unpleasant situations with a dead phone battery and hopefully help to improve our lives.

Kaspersky Lab launched this application for all Android users and their smartphones. With nine out of 10 people reporting a "sense of panic" when their battery power gets low, this is one smartphone application that can help people feel much more secure with their phones.

How does it work?

The Kaspersky Lab "Battery Life" app analyzes all the other applications on the Android device and detects those that lead to high battery consumption. This is something that can't be underestimated because more than 90% of Android device applications work in the background, even if the user has not individually started the app.

Thanks to this application, we will have more battery life. Additionally, 'Battery Life' tells us if an application is consuming more energy than it should. Another significant feature is the ability to calculate the remaining time before the smart phone turns off definitively and this could help users find a quicker way to charge their cell phones without having to guess how much time is left on the current charge.

Finally, Kaspersky Lab also helps users prevent digital security risks.

Where to download the application?

The application can be downloaded on every Android 4.1 - 6.0.1 platform and will be available in the app store soon. A limited number of languages will be available and the app checks in at only 15MB. The "Battery Life" application will also be available to download free of charge.