The war between two of United States’ largest networks - Sprint and Verizon - has been taken to a new level with the former launching a new offer, which takes a direct dig at the latter. Sprint on Tuesday, June 13, announced its new offer “Stop feeling ripped-off by Verizon.”

The name of Sprint’s new offer takes a direct hit at rival Verizon, along with other U.S. networks such as AT&T and T-Mobile. The new offer is a limited time one and is valid only till June 30.

If one takes up this offer then he/she will be able to enjoy the service up to July 31, 2018.

Sprint tries to lure customers away from Verizon

The new deal is only for new Sprint customers who are on Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T and offers them incentives to switch over to its postpaid network.


After porting the number over to the carrier, the subscriber will be able to enjoy one year worth of unlimited data, talk & text for free. The new customer does not even need to change their phone number to take advantage of the new offer.

All they have to do is to first check if their handset is eligible and then order the SIM. However, whichever handset the consumer brings over to the Sprint network under this offer will have to be fully-owned, as the carrier will not accept handsets bought under the monthly installment scheme. Smartphones that are included in this offer are Google Nexus 5 from AT&T and Verizon networks, iPhone 5c and later (but only from Verizon), and many more.

However, after October 1, one can upgrade to a new Sprint smartphone by either purchasing it on a monthly installment basis.

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One can also lease it from the uncarrier. But in case the consumer upgrades before the above-mentioned date, he/she will lose the remaining free months of the new service.

The new offer from Sprint includes unlimited video streaming at rates of 1080p and music streaming up to 1.5 mbps. Apart from these, one can also play games at a rate of 8 mbps and subscribers also receive 10GB of data per line.

Any caveats in the new plan?

The plan - like most carrier offers - is not devoid of a few limitations or caveats. Therefore, make sure you read the fine print. Firstly, the new consumer will have to pay $30 activation upfront (apart from the monthly SIM card fee, taxes, and other expenses). However, the activation charge will be refunded after two billing cycles. Also, the consumer will have to agree to eBilling and Autopay for this plan, or a monthly charge of $7.99 will be levied on them.