As the release of the latest iPhone approaches, iPhone 8 rumors continue with many of the rumors proving false. Apple's tenth anniversary release promises plenty of new features for its latest phone with speculation coming about the dual cameras that will be included. Other changes include an update to the next operating system, iOS 11, a major operating system upgrade for both the iPhone and the iPad. A new book also reveals the secret History Of Apple's flagship product.

What to expect in the iPhone 8 design

CNET reported that new photos were released for the iPhone 8 that may reveal the actual design for the phone.

The leaked images of the smartphone were revealed by Reddit user kamikasky. The new photos reveal an edge-to-edge screen. The phone is black. The next iPhone may have a stainless steel and glass body. So far Apple has refused to comment on the actual design users can expect.

Forbes reported that the iPhone 8 leaks confirmed the dual cameras that would be included. After three generations of the same design, several of the leaks have argued for a new design. The latest leak clearly shows that the new design is bezel-less as the screen extends to the edges of the phone. There is also a vertically aligned rear camera that would aid in augmented reality.

Augmented reality was a feature that Apple indicated would be included in iOS 11. The front facing camera is shown to appear in the small bar at the top of the screen and is barely visible. A switch from an aluminum to a glass chassis was previously thought to be an exclusive feature of the iPhone 8, and it would allow for wireless charging.

Now it is believed that this will also be a feature for the S7 and S7 Plus.

Secret history of Apple's flagship product

The Verge reported that June marks the tenth anniversary of the release of the iPhone. With the anniversary of the device, a new book has been released that reveals the untold story behind the iPhone. Brian Merchant, an editor at Motherboard, wrote the book "The One Device: The secret history of the iPhone." Merchant set out to trace the origin of the phone from the mines in Kenya to the Chinese factories and finally to One Infinite Loop.

The journey for Apple began with the disappearance of key personnel, especially engineers. They became part of a mysterious team. They spent two and a half years working on the new phone often working overtime. Only those within the team actually knew what was happening. The genesis for the phone came from the iPod and its dominance in the market. Ultimately the iPod lost its dominance because the iPhone played mp3s. The goal of Apple was to fix the issues that were hated in Apple phones, and they did.