Gamers have a lot of new options in gameplay this year as Nintendo Switch was released and offers classic game favorites for play. Sony released its latest new games for PlayStation 4, which was previously released earlier this year. The news of the latest games came at their yearly press briefing while Microsoft unveiled its latest gaming system, the Xbox One X

Microsoft's most powerful console ever

Engadget reported that the new Microsoft Xbox One X is the latest edition to the Xbox family. Microsoft released the details of its latest gaming system at last year's E3.

The new system will be released on November 7, and it will retail at $499. The advantage of the Microsoft Xbox One X is that it significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 4. The console looks similar to the current Xbox. It is boxy and black, but it will be slimmer, and the smallest console that Microsoft has ever released. A Blue-ray drive is included, and the games look better at 1080p even when gamers don't have a $4K TV. The custom eight-core AMD CPU clocks at 2.3GHz, and it includes the same Dolby Atmos support already included in the current version of Xbox. For those who already own an Xbox, all games will be compatible across both platforms. Gamers won't have to rebuild their library or add new accessories to take advantage of the new system.

How Sony beat Microsoft at E3

Forbes reported that the Sony Playstation 4 outperformed the Xbox One X. Microsoft had the advantage of showing off the Xbox One X at E3, and it will go head to head in competition with the PlayStation 4. Sony was able to steal the show at E3 and beat out Microsoft because the system emphasized its strengths and highlighted the Xbox One X system's weaknesses.

Although Sony usedstagecraftt by dangling zombies from the stage, it was the release of all the latest game trailers that allowed Sony to establish dominance at E3.

The first game preview came from Uncharted and was then followed up by Horizon Zero Dawn and then Days Gone. Although Microsoft has been consistent in debuting a powerful console and dominating on hardware, it is with the games that determines which console ultimately wins.

Microsoft offered up Crackdown 3 although the game wasn't perceived as being ready for center stage. Sony also offered up Gods of War, Shadow of Colossus, and exclusive content from Destiny 2 as well as Detroit: Become Human and Spiderman. The final offering came from The Last of Us Part 2 although no particular game dominated the show. The PlayStation VR offered a feature that the Xbox One X did not, allowing Sony to show its dominance.