Microsoft Corporation has just made the best tactics ever for people to ditch Google as their Search Engine. The company now offers special reward points for every Bing user. Apparently, these loyalty points will be used in order to attract users to use Bing. Meanwhile, these rewards can be used for freebies like Xbox digital gift cards, Skype credit, and Groove music passes. Further, the Bing users can also opt to donate their points to their own choice of charity organizations.

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Each user can get the chance of earning 30 points in a day through different searches or quizzes that they will participate in. For each user who will get 500 points per month, they will be moved to the second level.

This means that they are entitled to better rewards and will also earn up to 150 points in a day.

Search limit resets

Every Bing user has the chance to enjoy bonus points per level. Level 1 members are qualified to earn points for a maximum of 10 searches. Further, the level 2 users can also earn maximum points for 50 searches in a day. This will comprise 20 searches for mobile phones and 30 searches through computers. Moreover, Microsoft also added that search limit would be reset every day. Hence, anyone can start using the search engine as soon as they want.

Anyone can get the chance of qualifying to an Xbox Live Gold Membership if he or she collects around 6,000 points. Meanwhile, 9,500 points can also be exchanged for a month long Groove music pass that is worth £8.99. For every level 2 members, they can redeem a maximum of 110,000 points or 99,900 points for a 12-month Groove music pass.

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Bing users to attract advertisers

Microsoft Corporation has to build a reputable size of Bing users for them to attract more potential advertisers. Hence, this reward system is another technique that they do to hit their target. Just like Google AdWords, ads for Bing are also considered as a search engine marketing platform. Basically, search engines will drive traffic to websites and e-commerce portals. It is just a simple way of saying that, more traffic means more profit.

While Microsoft compensates people for using Bing, it is also a better way for them to earn a bigger slice of profit which is about $35 billion per year. Desktop and mobile searches have recently accounted billions of total digital ad revenues and Microsoft targets such numbers to happen again this year.

Meanwhile, the corporation also targets to launch more rewards to Bing users in Germany and Canada.