While the rumor mill continues to churn all sorts of speculations surrounding the alleged arrival of Foldable Smartphones in near future, Lenovo may have taken the rising possibilities of exotic concept devices to a whole new level.

Laptop concept with bendable screen

Lenovo unraveled some really wild ideas at the New York event on Tuesday, June 20. The Beijing-based tech behemoth gave event attendees a brief glimpse of a laptop concept with a flexible screen that runs from the center right up to its keyboard.

The unique laptop is expected to oust the traditional trackpad in favor of a technology that allows you to write on it and even talk to it.

The device is expected to include the signature ThinkPad pointing stick. Most of the communication is likely to happen over voice commands; however, you can alternatively use a stylus for the same purpose.

The company claims there's no hands-on time at the moment. In other words, there's no guarantee that a Lenovo bendable laptop will actually come to fruition. Nevertheless, it's definitely an idea that tech buffs hope becomes a reality sooner rather than later.

Why does the concept seem unlikely to take shape?

There's logical reasoning behind why the concept might not come to pass. While flexible screens exist, these types of concepts either fail prematurely or transform into prototypes that hardly align with the 3D renders.

Moreover, Lenovo will heavily rely on new screen technologies and advanced materials in order to accomplish this, basically suggesting that any conceivable real-world adaptation is nowhere near.

That being said, it's imperative to bear in mind that this is one of the world's most ingenious PC makers we are talking about. Lenovo has a reputation for occasionally shipping products that would only remain as theories somewhere else; for instance, the Yoga Book.

While the company may still not have concrete production plans for the bendable PC, this certainly is an indication of its long terms plans in terms of computer design. However, The Verge's Ashley Carman believes this concept isn't likely to materialize yet.

Despite witnessing flexible displays at this year's CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event, we still do not have flexible displays in our real lives.

To add even further complications, Lenovo wants to incorporate stylus technology into its bendable laptop and that won't be a walk in the park either.

Besides, regular tasks such as navigating your browser using just your voice might not appeal to everyone. It will be interesting to see if Lenovo still manages to actualize this one-of-a-kind concept despite all these challenges.