Mozilla announced today that it will be launching Firefox Focus browser for Google's Android. The app has been available in the App Store since last November. Android users can now download the browser for free from Google Play.

What differentiates Firefox Focus from other mobile browsers?

Mozilla's sole aim with this version of Firefox was - and is - to protect users' privacy while surfing online. That by default includes blocking various web trackers, such as analytics, social, and advertising, as well as erasing the user's browsing history, passwords, and cookies.

The original concept was released in December of 2015, dubbed Focus for Firefox, in the form of a content blocker exclusive to Apple's iOS.

In November of 2016, the app was rebranded to Firefox Focus and repurposed to a basic browser - no visual clutter, no tabs and one tap to erase your sessions.

Though, unlike iOS, thanks to Google's fewer restrictions, Android users will be able to set the app as their default browser.

Is there anything else besides privacy?

Apart from privacy protection, the browser boosts web browsing speeds as well. As a result of blocking trackers, web pages will be loading significantly faster than other browsers. This will be a great convenience for low-end devices or low-speed Internet connections.

As Venture Beat has mentioned in their own report, the new Android version of Firefox Focus will be introducing users to three new additions,

  • Ad tracker counter. It lists the number of ads that are blocked per site whilst using the app.
  • Disable tracker blocker. Designed for websites that are not loading properly, allowing users to disable the tracker blocker thus fixing the issues.
  • Notification reminder. When the browser is running in the background, a notification will remind the user, so he can erase his browsing history.

The aforementioned are not included in the iOS app.

Mozilla is considering incorporating them soon.

It is worth noting that the original version of Firefox does include a privacy mode through which users can browse without having any concerns with respect to their privacy. Though, it appears that there was a major demand for a privacy-focused browser. The app is currently the highest-rated browser on iOS, with a 4.6 (out of 5) average.

The figure stems from 485 ratings and reviews.

What are your thoughts on Firefox Focus for Android? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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