Apple is constantly in the midst of updating its devices, be it the iPhones or the iPads. By the end of 2017, a major upgrade is set to hit iPhone and iPad users. The Cupertino-based company is scheduled to roll out the next iteration of its operating system, iOS 11.

iFans have been waiting eagerly for the update, as it is expected to bring a lot of functionalities which were not present in iOS 10 previously. For instance, Apple recently announced that it would introduce the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature with its new OS. This new capability is to be introduced in a bid to reduce the accidents caused due to phone usage while driving.

Do not disturb while driving feature in iOS 11

When the feature is engaged, the iPhone will detect if the user is inside the car with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If the iPhone determines that the owner is driving, then it goes into a lockdown, during which the phone cannot be used to make or receive calls, send messages or receive them, and even use the device's basic functionalities.

The feature will also allow customizable options where if you are a passenger in a moving car, you can use the device. Moreover, owners can set some of their contacts as exceptions to the do not disturb while driving feature. This means that if one of these contacts calls the user, the phone will ring and can be answered.

Some likely problems with this feature

As much as the do not disturb while driving feature may sound important, in actuality, it may not be as good as anticipated. The feature cannot judge which calls are important on its own. Even if someone not on the user’s designated contact list calls due to an emergency, the phone will disregard the call.

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On the other hand, the user’s wife may be the designated contact and the phone will let her call through even if she was calling with no emergency.

The do not disturb while driving feature can be compared to automatic seat belts, which was a system that came along some years ago. In such a car, whenever the driver sits inside and closes the door, the seat belts engage automatically.

However, the functionality was severely criticized, which led to most cars ditching the technology.

It is not known how Apple’s driving safeguard will be received by fans and iPhone users. The Cupertino-based company should nonetheless be commended for trying out the new feature. For what it’s worthy, the do not disturb while driving functionality may safeguard some drivers.