The Apple iPhone 8 is set to debut sometime in early 2018. As Apple prepares to roll out its latest addition to its product line, the hottest new features are being leaked, while video depicting its latest design shows iPhone users what they can expect from the latest release.

The iPhone 8's hotly anticipated new features

Fox News reported that the new iPhone 8 promises a radical new redesign that includes an edge to edge OLED display. This next generation of iPhone will also bring the best 3D sensors, making it the best in class for facial recognition.

The new camera sensors are supplied courtesy of LG Inotek. Apple invested heavily in its new facility, spending an estimated $238 million. The announcement was made on April 27, and the facility will be dedicated to fulfilling Apple orders.

The implementation of the 3D cameras will have a wide variety of uses in the iPhone 8, including facial recognition and gaming. Apple isn't the first company to use facial recognition in its smartphones. The technology has also been used by Samsung. What makes the 3D technology so revolutionary is that it works better than the 2D recognition used by Samsung, and it won't be as easily fooled. Apple's latest technology comes from an Israeli company it acquired called RealFace, which offers impressive facial recognition software.

There has been no word yet regarding how Apple will integrate the technology into the new phone. Other features integrated into the iPhone 8 also include improved battery life and support for augmented reality. Users may compare the features of Samsung versus the new iPhone 8.

New iPhone may include a hefty price tag

CNET reported that the drawback to the new iPhone 8 may be a hefty price tag.

It is rumored that the new phone may cost around $1,000. The information comes from analysts at Goldman Sachs, who say that this is the starting price for the phone. The analysts also said that Apple has finally locked down the design, and that there are about four months until launch.

The new iPhone 8 will boast a 5.8 inch screen with an OLED display.

For those who don't want to pay such a hefty sum, users have the option of purchasing either the rumored iPhone 7S or iPhone 7S Plus. Although neither of these phones have the OLED display, they won't have the whopping price tag, either, as prices will start around $649. Both phones may include a faster processor and possibly a larger battery. Apple has declined to comment on the particulars of either model.