As Apple prepares to launch the new iPhone 8 in just a few months, the company continues to add new features and resources for its smartphone users to help them get more from their devices. The latest addition to the Apple offerings includes an ultimate guide to smartphone photography and the LanguageLine app that features over 8,000 new interpreters. For those who aren't ready to pay the $1,000+ price tag for the new iPhone 8, these new releases may help solve the gap between the old and new phones.

Take better photographs with iPhone

The Sun UK reported that Apple released its official guide to smartphone photography, and it teaches users how to snap the ultimate photograph with their iPhones.

Previously, Apple released several short video clips on YouTube to show users how to get more from their devices when shooting photos. One example of the importance of the iPhone for taking photos is Flickr. The photo site shows that more of its photos are taken with the iPhone than any other device. Unfortunately, most who use their iPhones to make photos just point, click, and hope they get a great shot.

The new website created by Apple will help users get more from their cameras on their devices. It includes in-depth tips as well as step-by-step guides that make it simple to shoot better photos. Some of the tips included are: how to use available light, how to shoot a panorama, and how to create a shallow depth of field.

Other tips include various ways to get better selfies by using a timer as well as how to do it one handed and get better results.

New LanguageLine app adds 8,000 new interpreters

LanguageLine Solutions released a press release that said the company has now added iPhone as one of the latest devices that can use the Language Line app.

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The app adds 8,000 world class interpreters into users' pockets. What this means is that iPhone users now have access to translation services at the click of a button. No longer is there a need for phone lines and specialized equipment. The app replaces all this and instead offers an experienced linguist team at the touch of a button.

The new app is considered to be a breakthrough innovation because it allows users to take advantage of cellular connectivity while using an intuitive interface to connect with an interpreter, and users only need one touch. iPhone users no longer have to remember a toll-free number or passwords in order to get service. It also removes the need to scroll through long directories of languages. For organizations that are mobile and work with limited English proficient people, this provides a new tool to eliminate cultural and language barriers and serve clientele where they are.