The iOS update makes Apple’s intelligent personal assistant Siri smarter and sound more like a human. The iOS 11 update gives Siri a much more natural as well as an expressive voice. TechNewsWorld reports that the tech giant claims that Siri’s new updated version of iOS 11 has become better with advances in device learning as well as artificial intelligence (AI).

Siri sounds more human

Apple’s intelligent personal assistant now sounds more human as it adopts better pronunciation and various inflections depending on what is being said. There are also a lot of other Siri improvements in the iOS 11 update.

With the new iOS 11 mobile operating system, the Siri uses on-device learning beyond all of the Apple devices in order to acquire details on the preferences, customs of the owner and interests. As Siri can now sync across multiple Apple devices, the intelligent personal assistant also learns more about the user’s interactions regardless of whether the user is using an iPhone, or iPad, as long as they use the same account

Siri, which is the famous AI of the Cupertino-based tech giant is now indeed a smart personal assistant. Siri can now do things, such as suggesting a topic that the Apple device user might like in Apple News. Siri can also suggest a Calendar reminder based on appointments and schedules that were booked in Safari.

The iOS 11 provides built-in translation capabilities for Siri and can translate English to French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and German. Siri can play music an Apple device user likes and can offer answers to music-related queries such as "Who's the drummer in this band?" or "What song is this?"

Also, an Apple device user can 'text' Siri when the user is not in the mood to talk.

Apple’s AI might make QuickType words or phrases of movies, places or names, suggestions based on the users recently viewed actions.

iOS 11 Features

Meanwhile, Apple's upcoming iOS 11 update brings improvements to the way an Apple device user edits, views and captures photos. Portrait Mode photos are now much better. There are also new ways to manipulate the Live Photo feature.

Photos, as well as videos, take up less space. Users can now crop the Live Photos like a video. There are also new Bounce, Long Exposure, and Loop options.

On Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, the Portrait Mode feature now supports HDR and optical image stabilization for better low light performance. While on all iPhones, the user can choose new filters when editing a photo.