Apple concluded their Worldwide Developer Conference sometime last week. At the event, on top of multiple software updates, the Cupertino tech giant introduced a slew of hardware updates for their existing line-up of laptops. These key additions are either CPU-related or platform-enhancement by nature. All the way from the company’s MacBook Pro to MacBook Air has received an update of some kind.

Powered with Kaby Lake

As pointed by MacWorld, this was a very strategic decision made by Apple. Not only have they saved themselves the humiliation of not introducing newer products, but have also refreshed the current line-up on a par with consumer’s expectations.

The report goes on to suggest that the current MacBook and MacBook Pro have finally received the much-awaited Intel’s latest 7th-generation Kaby Lake platform. The Kaby Lake platform has significantly boosted the laptops’ clockspeeds. Moreover - thanks to modest frequencies that Intel provides - the Apple laptops are now equipped with an improved media decoder. Apart from this, the Apple MacBook also received an upgraded SSD. According to the company, the latest SSD is approximately 50 percent faster in comparison to its predecessor. Apple has also offered a new 16GB internal storage option to the customers, which came across as quite a surprise. The 15-inch MacBook Pro, on the other hand, has been given the heavily-speculated GPU update.

Apple announced that they were replacing the current AMD Radeon Pro 400 series option with the newer Radeon Pro 500 series. If reports are believed to be true then the Radeon Pro 500 series comprises of Radeon Pro 555 and Radeon Pro 560.

Upgraded specs and features

There are no other internal or external changes made to these laptops otherwise.

The display size, ports, and other finishes remain the same. Unfortunately, the Touch-Bar is the same as was present before. Additionally, Apple has also included a second low-end MBP 13-inch SKU to the 128GB SSD. This has reduced the cost of the laptop from $1499 to $1299. These laptops went on sale on June 7th. Interested buyers can log on to Apple’s official website to purchase the product or can even visit Apple stores.

Apart from this, Apple also introduced the latest software updates for its devices. For instance, the company unveiled the latest iOS 11 update for iPhone and iPad devices. The update arrives with several new and exciting features and multiple bug-fixes. Apple also spoke about the latest MacOS update. These will be made available by the end of this year.