It seems like yesterday that Apple successfully commenced and wrapped up its World Wide Developer’s Conference in 2016. A year has flown by and Apple is ready to host the WWDC 2017. This annual event usually launches the new ios version each year and gives the audience a sneak peek of Apple’s upcoming software.

This year’s WWDC is a four-day affair starting from June 5 and ending on June 9 and will be held in the McEbert Convention Center in San Jose, California. The official keynote will start at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. Let us take a look at what to expect from the Cupertino-based company at this year’s event.

iOS 11 launch?

The main highlight of the WWDC is the unveiling of the next-gen iOS. This year iFans and tech enthusiasts are looking forward to the launch of iOS 11, the successor of iOS 10. The rumored feature of iOS 11 that has under the spotlight for quite some time is the default FaceTime audio calling feature. It is hinted that with iOS 11, the iPhone will automatically start a FaceTime audio call every time someone attempts to call another iPhone user. Apart from this, rumors also state that with the introduction of the new iOS edition FaceTime video calls would allow up to five people to join group conversations.

iPhone 8 to be introduced?

Apple, following the annual cycle, traditionally releases a new version of its iPhone each year during September.

However, rumors are rife that this year, Apple may unveil its tenth anniversary iPhone 8 at the WWDC. The possibility of the launch is highly unlikely as this is a developer’s conference. However, there is a slight chance that Apple may release a teaser pertaining to the upcoming smartphone.

New iPad to get introduced?

As stated above WWDC is primarily a software-based event.

However, rumors of hardware launches at the occasion have come up from time to time. Along with the launch of the iPhone 8, rumors were abuzz that four new iPads may also debut at the event. However, four iPads does not necessarily mean four different tablets. It will most likely be two different tablets with two storage variants.

iFans can expect an all-new 12.9-inch iPad Pro along with a smaller 10.5-inch iPad Pro to be unveiled at the event.

Siri to be revamped?

For the last few years, Apple has not put much attention on the upgradation of its virtual assistant Siri. Rumors suggest that this WWDC may see the Siri get a lot smarter as it will come with in-depth contextual learning abilities.