The Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2017, an event usually made for new software, happens on June 5. However, the annual event will reportedly come with some guests which could be the upgraded version of Apple’s MacBook Pro. Looking back to October 2016, the redesigned MacBook Pro left a lot to be desired. The refreshed laptop came with a questionable Intel Skylake Chipset, not to mention a 16 GB RAM limit which gained heavy criticism from power users.

Apple did try to explain the reason behind it, using the power conserving angle which many scoffed.

But for those who closely followed the release of the chipset, the questionable supply of the Intel Kaby Lake processor at that time was pretty much to blame.

MacBook Pro 2016: better off delayed?

As most know, Apple’s rival Microsoft held off until the first quarter of 2017 to come out with their new Surface line. It came with Intel Kaby Lake onboard, leading many to question if Apple rushed things. Looking at the schedule the Cupertino company followed, they didn’t really have much of a choice. Delaying it would have altered the regular release – not to mention garner backlash from MacBook users.

Apple hopes to make amends with an upgraded Macbook Pro 2017 though even that may affect the regular schedule of notebook releases.

Further, it may lead to the actual buyers who got the MacBook Pro 2016 in rage if a presumably better Apple notebook comes out this June.

Apple earnings may take a hit

Looking ahead, such could have dire consequences. Apple enjoyed continued earnings for its MacBook line but the uncertainty of releases moving forward could alter that.

With the fast-evolving pace of technology, it could crunch numbers for future Apple offerings. The changes may not be significant but the vote of confidence stands to be tarnished.

Either way, Apple is somewhat in a bind with recent developments with future forecasts likely to be affected. The Cupertino company may need to improve on their research and development process, not to mention affirming when key parts like the Intel Kaby Lake SoC is readily available.

As for WWDC 2017, experts predict the MacBook Pro 2017 to be in attendance. Apple has yet to confirm if such is indeed happening so the next couple of weeks will be critical.

If it does emerge, expect MacBook fans to place the upgraded version under heavy scrutiny. An Intel Kaby Lake chipset may not be enough to entice them after seeing the problems the MacBook Pro 2016 had. Patches were made but to no avail so the stakes are considerably up for the speculated MacBook Pro 2017.