Large display smartphones are definitely not going out of style as manufacturers continue to churn out devices that are bordering on having tablet-sized screens. Sony is, of course, one of those manufacturers as evident with their continued focus on their Ultra range of smartphone devices. Now, new reports are revealing the actual look of the company's latest Ultra-branded offering, the Sony Xperia X Ultra.

Big screen, small size

Samsung's recent release of the brand new near bezel-less Galaxy S8 and LG's new LG G6 flagship have now changed the playing field when it comes to large screen smartphones. Both companies have shown that large screens don't necessarily require a large body.

Sony seems to have taken notice as their new offering apparently attempts to stretch this concept a little bit further, both literally and figuratively.

Sony's monstrous new phablet

The recently leaked press renders apparently confirms that Sony may indeed be working on their next generation phablet. However, the company has chosen to shake things up a bit with what looks to be the widest screened smartphone to date.

The LG G6 currently sports an 18:9 ratio screen, while the Galaxy S8 takes it a bit further with an 18.5:9 ratio. Sony apparently stretched the screen on their upcoming product to an ultra wide 21:9 aspect ratio. This is at least according to the latest reports, which have apparently measured the screen ratio based on the measurable visual clues such as the Sony logo and capacitive buttons.

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Speculated specs and features

While Sony has yet to announce any official hardware specifications, the new Sony Xperia X Ultra is likely to sport a 6.45-inch display that is narrower and taller than its other big-screened competitors. Additionally, the device is rumored to be coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor paired with 4 GB of RAM. While the chip may not be the fastest processor in the market, it has to be noted that the Xperia X Ultra is a mid-end offering and will be priced accordingly.

The Xperia X Ultra is expected to come with a decent camera setup that may include a 19-megapixel camera at the back and a 13-megapixel camera up front. The device will also likely come with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. Similar to other Xperia products, the Xperia X Ultra will likely come with some form of IP certification that makes it dust and waterproof up to a certain extent.The press renders also confirms at least two color options, namely red and grey. However, Sony will likely release a few more color options similar to its other products.