With the recent entry in the smartphone market of other players such as LG G6 and OnePlus 5, it appears that Samsung is doing everything it can to stay relevant in the global arena. Just recently, an early pre-order schedule was set by the company as pre-order demands for LG G6 showed higher than expected. Aside from that, the Korean tech giant reportedly will have an Apple-like event dubbed as the Galaxy S8 Pre-launch event in Korea, a day following the end of its pre-order period.

According to Express, the South Korean tech giant will unveil two devices during the simultaneous launching event in New York and London by introducing the standard samsung galaxy s8 and its bigger brother, the S8 Plus.

It is a general knowledge right now that these devices could possibly release with curved displays covering almost entirely the front of the phone. It is also known that the devices will have the Exynos 8895 processor.

Mobile World Congress Best New Smartphone

It can be recalled that during the Mobile World Congress, Sony has bagged the Best New Smartphone award when it surprised everyone with its Xperia XZ Premium.

One really interesting feature of the smartphone is its capacity to produce 960 frames per second. Its super slow motion video capture prowess is very impressive. At that time, Sony was the only one who has this latest milestone.

New Galaxy S8 key feature

However, as of this writing, it appears that Sony may not be alone in equipping its phone with this feature.

Fresh information revealed by the Korean news site, Naver suggests that Samsung has something big on its sleeve for its flagship phone. According to the report, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will introduce a video that can capture 1,000 frames per second. The S8 reportedly will offer a super slow motion video feature.

The recent capability if proven true will eclipse the iPhone’s feature of recording videos at 240 fps.

It will also shadow Xperia XZ Premium’s 960 fps video recording capability.

Other additional information

In addition, the report claims that the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have an 8MP sensor. It will be accompanied by a second 3.7 MP camera with a sensor fully dedicated to iris recognition.

Several reports also suggest that the device will have iris and facial recognition features that will be used as a Samsung Pay authentication procedure. Moreover, the fingerprint sensor is said to be positoned at the back of the device just next to the camera.