The race for producing Self-driving cars is getting stiffer as Samsung gets approval for testing its vehicles on South Korean roads. It was previously reported that the self-driving car market has the potential to reach $45 billion by the year 2025. It appears now that Apple is not the only smartphone maker who is jumping into the trendy world of autonomous driving.

Samsung car

On May 1, Samsung Electronics Co. has received the green light from the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport to have its deep-learning-based autonomous vehicle program tested on the Korean public roads.The decision did not only applied to Samsung but 20 other companies in the same industry.

The South Korean tech giant has been very tight lip about the development of its self-driving vehicles. However, it does not hinder tech people from obtaining vital information about their latest project. According to several reports, the company has tapped Hyundai to produce the vehicles for them that will be packed with the next-generation sensors and cameras that will be utilized during the testing process.

South Korean Ministry

The agency is working on lowering the regulations of self-driving cars in the country so as to be at par with the rest of manufacturers all over the world. In this light, they have reduced the passengers required to board the vehicle from two to only one. Also, it has empowered other makers to start the production of vehicles without pedals or steering wheels.

According to the ministry, the latest trend in car industry needs for the partnership of several top of the line technologies from Artificial Intelligence, automotive, and information sectors.

The approval for testing its self-driving car in their country was released after news reporting images of Apple vehicle surfaced on the Internet.

It can be recalled that the South Korean tech conglomerate disclosed that it is gearing up a team to develop a car components division that will be focused on entertainment systems and autonomous driving technology. Moreover, before this announcement, Samsung was already creating chips for this kind of vehicles.

The South Korean tech giant is the latest company to have joined the self-driving car industry.

Among other players are its stiff competitor Apple, and other tech giants like Google, Uber, and Tesla. For now, this is the only information disclosed in the public about Samsung's latest project. The Korean self-driving cars once successfully tested and launched is also expected to be released in the US and in other parts of the world. We will keep you updated as soon as information becomes available.