Having a sidekick or a partner isn't always a good idea. There are those dynamic duos that are neither dynamic nor duo. The same goes especially for those co-op oriented video Games that star an odd couple of sorts. Here are the Top 5 Worst Duos In #Video Games...

5. Kane and Lynch (Kane & Lynch series)

What do you get when you put a stone cold ex-mercenary and a homicidal maniac together in the same shooter?

You get the duo known as Kane & Lynch. For those who don't know, Kane and Lynch aren't exactly chums; the two were forced to work for a criminal organization to retrieve money in exchange for trust and amnesty among their fellow criminals. However, that's not the reason Kane & Lynch made it on this list. The real problem is Lynch who suffers from severe psychotic episodes that cause him to go Rambo on bystanders.

Poor Kane has no choice but to take cover and watch helplessly as his ticket to a getaway vehicle turn into human toss salad, then come up with an insane Plan B. Truly one of the worst duos in Video Games.

4. Jimmy and Billy Lee (Double Dragon series)

Siblings are the most natural duos in the universe and the butt kicking twins Jimmy and Billy Lee from Double Dragon are no exception. When the girl of their dreams is kidnapped by a gang of thugs, the two waste no time teaming up to cut through the rugged streets of the underground until they find and rescue their mutual love interest -- proof that blood is thicker than water right?

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Unfortunately, once the brothers defeat the final boss and liberate the damsel in distress, they must face each other in one last fight to determine who walks away with her heart. As disturbing as that sounds, this is the norm with the Double Dragon series.

3. Every Duo In Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6

Thanks to Capcom's efforts to destroy what gamers love about Resident Evil, there is now a thin line between survival horror games and co-op shooter games.

The shift started with Resident Evil 4, a game that forced the player to partner up with a useless AI partner in the form of a helpless teenage girl. Then came Resident Evil 5 which provided a partner with combat skills. Yet it was so stupid it struggled to do simple things like following the player around without colliding with objects in its path, forcing the player to bring in another human player to take control.

And then we come to Resident Evil 6 which not only featured one, not two but three duos, all with even dumber AI along with other flaws that culminated to form a commercial failure. Thank the gaming Gods for Resident Evil 7 and it's single-player design.

2. ToeJam and Earl (ToeJam & Earl series)

Many will argue that the duo, ToeJam & Earl are among the best in video games and will undoubtedly object to their inclusion on this list.

However, there is one very good reason for this insult and even fans of the duo can agree. The problem with these two is they come off as too stereotypical for their own good. The stereotyping wasn't really offensive at first, but it would grow worse by the sequels until there was a tipping point. It was ToeJam & Earl III: Mission To Earth, a game that was so stereotypical -- and terrible overall -- it offended even fans. What's worse is that the game turned the duo into a trio by introducing the third wheel Latisha, an offensively stereotypical female alien. Since then, ToeJam & Earl have never been the same which is why they are among the worst duos in video games.

1.Wario and Waluigi (Mario series)

The characters of the Mario universe come in pairs. Mario and Luigi. Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. Toad and Toadette. However, there was once a character who stood out from this, and his name is Wario. This character started out as an evil twin to Mario and an antagonist to him and his faithful brother Luigi but ironically received so much attention that he quickly became his own household name. Unfortunately, this didn't last because a foolish Nintendo felt that Wario was missing his own sibling. Enter Waluigi. This nonsensically designed abomination clearly had no place in the world of Mario. Excluding his lanky build and menacing face, what really established Waluigi as the opposite of Luigi was his confounding flipped "L' for a logo, and his more confounding name "Waluigi." Now poor Wario must sit out the rest of his existence as one-half of the worst duos in video games.

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