Overwatch” developers announced a new mode to the game at Blizzon 2016 called Arcade that created a fundamental change in the hub that simply hasn’t been taken advantage nearly enough. While fans of the Blizzard produced game spend plenty of time in Quick Play or Competitive match modes, Arcade is not only not getting it’s due, but newer Overwatch’” players are missing out on some important features. Here’s the top three reasons why it’s time or more players to make time to play the Arcade mode in this popular shooter.

‘Overwatch’ doles out the loot boxes in Arcade mode

When you go into the “Overwatch” Arcade mode, you will be able to win a loot box for every three matches where you are on the victorious team.

This means the game is going to give players as many as three extra loot boxes a week. The games that are available to play in this mode can vary, which also means you aren’t going to get very bored once you start your three matches. You’ll be able to play all the special events too, such as Capture the Rooster (now Capture the Flag) mode for the Chinese New Year celebration as well as the Uprising event which just ended. There are bound to be other special events popping up in Arcade in the coming weeks and months.

Test and build your specific ‘Overwatch’ skills

While the core gameplay for Blizzard’s latest console title is all about the teamwork, some players want to sharpen their skills before they show them off. Users can go into the “Overwatch” Arcade and play modes like Elimination or Mystery Duel and know they are going to be relying more on sharpening their own skills, instead of their teammates.

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Mystery Duel is especially useful for this function because it is literally just one player against another. This doesn’t allow players to pick their character but they are randomly spawned and the two then compete in a best of five matchup.

Fun is the focus in this ‘Overwatch’ mode

Sharpening skills so you don’t have to hire someone to play with you in order to win is important for “Overwatch” players but sometimes there’s a little too much pressure. Because you are not going out in the usual massive duels against a team of highly trained opponents, you can just lay back, relax and have a little fun. The best part is that all the different modes that are offered in a kind of rotation means the game stays a little fresher. Considering the core gameplay can get a bit repetitive at times, the fun that can be had in the Arcade is a welcome addition to the popular Blizzard title.