Microsoft is hard at work bringing AI to the masses, along with a new Video Game Console designed to deliver the latest titles in 4K resolution. The company had Digital Foundry showcase the console, Project Scorpio, back in April, and from what we can tell, it’s going to be a beast.

After the featured announcement, a new video was leaked on Twitter that highlights Project Scorpio’s developer kit. It comes with several buttons on the front, along with a tiny Lcd Screen. We’ve heard of these hardware features via rumors, but seeing them in action did nothing more than increase the excitement.

The purpose of the LCD screen is mainly to show developers what’s going on with a game’s frame rate. Some folks would love for it to do other things, and from what the latest report has to say, it would seem that this is possible. According to the latest report, the LCD screen is fully programmable, which means, developers can do some nifty things with it. A new video via Twitter shows what appears to be dolphins on the LCD screen, which is quite impressive.

We can see these dolphins swimming around at will. Furthermore, the option is there to add 12 dolphins, because, why not? Now, programming the LCD screen adds nothing to the actual gaming experience, but at least it gives developers something fun and interesting to do.

Will the LCD screen make it to the consumer product?

Some gamers are wishing that Microsoft would incorporate the LCD screen into the consumer version of Project Scorpio. The purpose of this request is for them to have the ability to keep up with a game’s frame rate, among other things. Scorpio is being marketed as the most powerful video game console ever made, so it makes sense for players to want to see the exact frame rate of their favorite video games.

However, there is doubt that Microsoft will go down this road because it could transform into a PR nightmare. Admittedly, not all games will hit the 60 frames per second mark, and the company may not want to deal with all the problems that could come from such a debacle.

When will Project Scorpio hit retail shelves?

Microsoft plans to officially show off the device at E3 2017 next month.

There, the company will share with the world the price of the console and the release date. As it stands, the console will likely be available for consumers in either September or November.

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