T-Mobile on Wednesday, May 24, announced a limited time promotional offer to lure Verizon customer to its own network. Verizon customers owning some specific smartphone handsets will be able to make use of the former’s new #GetOutoftheRed promotional offer, which starts from May 31.

Thanks to this Deal, customers will be able to keep their existing smartphones with them once they switch over to T-Mobile’s network and the carrier will pay off any device payments left in full, no questions asked. The title of the offer is a direct dig at Verizon and the deal itself is quite tempting to let go off.

The #GetOutoftheRed offer

Owners of Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus running on Verizon’s network are eligible to get the promotional offer. The owner of the smartphones will be able to keep their handset and the number intact if they decide to switch over from Big Red to the T-Mobile ONE plan. Furthermore, the Magenta carrier will also pay off the remaining phone payment amount of the new user whether it is $1 or $1,000. It claims that the payment will be done within 15 days using a digital prepaid MasterCard.

Thus, with this plan, T-Mobile will not only save customers the hassle of transferring an innumerable number of photos, contacts, and apps but also relieves them of the burden of their previous smartphone payments, once the trade-in is complete.

Are you eligible for the offer?

To qualify for the offer, Verizon customers will have to first insure their smartphone with T-Mobile’s Premium Device Protection Plus Plan. The insurance plan comes at a cost of $15 per month and gives protection against accidental damage, theft, and loss. Apart from this, the insurance plan also provides the user with McAfee Content Protection, McAfee ID Protection, and many more features.

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Two lines for the price of one

Apart from the #GetOutoftheRed promotional offer, T-Mobile has also come up with a limited time offer for existing subscribers who use at least two voice lines on the ONE plan. These customers are now eligible to get the service of two additional service lines apart from the ones they are currently using, at the price of one through bill credit.

If one does the math right, a family could save up to $240 every year on phone bills. This offer will be up for grabs from Thursday, May 25.

Any plans for AT&T and Sprint subscribers?

Apart from Verizon subscribers, T-Mobile also has offers for customers of Sprint and AT&T. The Magenta carrier stated that Sprint and AT&T customers can also switch over to its own network from May 31. The offer has been dubbed Carrier Freedom and is a limited time proposal.