T-Mobile has launched an attractive offer to maximize the sales of the samsung galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, in which the carrier will offer two Galaxy S8 handsets for the price of one.

The offer is also valid for the Galaxy S8+. This promo is on mainly because of Mother’s Day when people search for suitable gifts. The buy one gets one free, or BOGO offer is valid for a limited period.

Buy one get one offer: how to avail it?

T-Mobile’s offer seems to be enticing, and many potential buyers would likely want to get two handsets for the price of one.

To avail this offer, people will have to buy two Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ devices on the network operator’s no interest Equipment Installment Plan.

After the purchase, the carrier will send a prepaid card equal to the value of one device the consumer has purchased. This value can then be used to purchase the extra handset.

The Galaxy S8 is currently priced at $750, and the Galaxy S8+ is priced at $850 at T-Mobile stores. The carrier also charges a down payment of $30 for the smaller flagship and $130 for the bigger variant Following this; monthly installments are $30 for two years.

People availing the buy one get one offer will likely need to pay some amount in cash till T-Mobile ships the subscription card, which can be used to pay off the second device.

Similar offer on the LG G6

The BOGO deal from T-Mobile is also available for the LG G6. The offer started on May 10 and will run through until June 8. However, the specifics of the deal vary a bit. In the case of the LG G6, owners will need to buy the devices and then redeem any one of the handsets using LG’s web page.

On the carrier’s website, owners will have to upload the IMEI number, contact information, images of the receipt, and the device labels. It does not matter what kind of a plan the owner has subscribed to as LG will refund the price of one of the devices regardless. LG will mail $500 to the owner within some days which is equal to the price of the LG G6 currently.

Will the BOGO offer boost sales?

T-Mobile, along with the smartphone manufacturers, would hope that with these exciting deals the sales would be maximized.

While the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have already sold a lot of units, the LG G6 has not managed to impress fans and has suffered from low sales.

Are you lured by the BOGO offer from the US carrier? Will you take advantage of the limited period promotion from t-Mobile or would rather wait for another deal?

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