Samsung’s flagship smartphones, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ hit the U.S. market on April 21. Most of the major carrier networks in the United States have been on their toes to provide the best service to the owners of the flagship handsets. In line with that Verizon and T-Mobile rolled out updates for the two devices

T-Mobile update

T-Mobile did reveal much about the update for its variants. The carrier’s support page states that the update for Galaxy S8 brings forth “Various system improvements” and will up the build to G950USQU1AQD9. For Galaxy S8+, the update brings in enhancements related to the “Launch Software.” After the upgrade, Galaxy S8+ will be running on baseband version G950USQU1AQC9.

Apart from these, the support page lists no other details about the updates for the devices. The T-Mobile Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ updates weigh 395.84 MB and will be pushed out as OTA updates. The news of the update was posted on the support page one day before the devices' U.S. release, i.e. April 20.

Verizon update details

Verizon, on the other hand, provided full details of the update in the changelog. Verizon shared that the update would offer users the latest protection for their handset, as well as enhance the Infinity display. The carrier revealed that all the apps after the update would be optimized to be viewed on new Infinity screen.

Apart from this, the update also brings in new features for answering phone calls.

After the upgrade of the devices, users can answer phone calls by just pressing the volume up button. In this way, the owner would not have to touch the screen to pick up the call.

The camera app will have a new icon, and all notification badges would sport the same color after the upgrade takes place. Uniform color for all notification badges will help the user see when he or she receives a voicemail, email, or message.

However, unlike T-Mobile, Verizon has not specified the file size of the current update.

Things to remember

Both T-Mobile and Verizon specified few aspects one needs to keep in mind while upgrading the devices. Both the network carriers have advised that users charge their Galaxy S8 to at least 50 percent or higher before starting to download the update.

They also stated that the device needs to be linked to a secure Wi-Fi connection for the smooth functioning of the installation process. It is recommended that users backup any important data before updating the handset.