The name Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been the subject of many speculations online since 2016. Analysts gave predictions and speculated on the potential specs and features of the next Microsoft device. The speculations get louder when recently, the Redmond-based tech giant announced an upcoming hardware event in May that will be held in Shanghai.

Predictions of a possible announcement for the highly anticipated device flood the Internet. It seems that analysts are foreseeing the device's launching during the said event. However, one of the company's executives burst all the bubbles this early.

He said there is no device with that name that will be introduced in the Shanghai Event.

Experiential change

In a recent interview with CNET, Microsoft's Panos Panay, in charge for everything surface, said that the Surface Pro 4 device is here to stay. According to him the device is still capable and can still compete for five years. On the possibility of a new Surface Pro 5 device, the executive said that the device does not exist yet.

He added that when the change is right and meaningful, that is the only time they will put the much-awaited device in the market. Panay added that the meaningful change for the company refers to the experiential change that spells a massive difference in the company's product line.

Updated Surface Pro 4

With that statement, several analysts speculated that the Redmond-based tech giant would most likely introduce an upgraded or updated variant of the Surface Pro 4 device. According to some reports, although the executive is implying that there is no such thing as the Pro 5, it is possible that it will be under a different name but will still be the same anticipated device.

It can be recalled that the company, like Apple, is now changing the way they are naming their products.

Furthermore, other reports are suggesting that the highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will not have any groundbreaking changes aside from the Intel Kaby Lake processor. The claims added that it might also be the reason why the consumers would not even want to buy the upgrade if that is the case.

Shanghai event

After the education-focused event, the Redmond-based tech company is now preparing for a hardware-focused event that will take place in Shanghai on May 23. With the recent confirmation that there will be no announcement about the much-awaited Surface Pro 5, consumers and patrons are now excited about the next set of products that company will launch.