One of the most anticipated events every year is this sale conducted by gaming giants. During these events, games are offered at an unbelievably lowest price. This year, it appears that the highly anticipated Steam Summer Sale could be happening sooner than expected.

Leaked images

The images were first seen on Steam's subreddit and were posted by deliteplays. Another user, Jelman 21 later confirmed it. According to them, Valve allegedly sent a correspondence in the form of an email to Steamworks Developers giving them information about the Steam Summer Sale.

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The purpose of the communication is to give the team a heads-up, to prepare deals and bundles for the upcoming event. These details are confidential (supposedly), and it appears that the leakers were not aware of that when they shared the dates online.

These leaks not only provide dates but also the games included in the sale and their respective prices. If the leaked images are to be believed, it seems that this year, Valve will allot more time for gamers to enjoy the sale, as seen in the window of the sale schedule.

How the information was leaked

There are several users that were added to Steam Developer groups. These users were added after gaining access to one of the game's alphas through Kickstarter. In these group, information about upcoming events and other confidential details were shared. Most likely, this is how some users got the information. The act of sharing confidential information online, however, breached the Non-Disclosure Agreement that these users agreed upon when they became members of Steamworks Developers.


In previous years, similar leaks were posted online prior to the company's announcement.

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These leaks proved to be consistent with the actual schedule of the sale. This year, the sale will begin on June 22 at 12:50 PM EST and will end on July 5 at 1:05 PM EST. No further information was disclosed.

Gamers are anticipating that there will be daily deal offers during the Steam Summer Sale. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.