The epic science fiction third-person shooter, "Vanquish," which was released by sega and Platinum Games back in 2010, is finally coming to Windows PC. This time, the game is coming with a few additional features that will take advantages of today's modern gaming hardware. SEGA has announced that it will be releasing the game through Steam on May 25. Pre-orders are also now available for those who are interested.

Tweaked for the modern PC

The upcoming new PC version of the game has been enhanced in several ways to keep up with modern computer hardware. The game now contains a myriad of graphic customization options, which should allow gamers to properly adjust the game to suit their specific setup. Framerate, as well as resolution, has been unlocked, which includes full 4K resolution support for those that have the right monitors.


An iconic shooter

The original "Vanquish" video that was released for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 in 2010 actually had a lot of contributions to the 3D shooter genre. The game introduced several innovations that have become a staple for the other titles.

Some of its contributions include its fast-paced action, the addition of beat'em up elements and its unique rocket-sliding movement mechanic.

In the game, players will be taking the role of DARPA agent Sam Gideon, who is equipped with the agency's latest Augmented Reaction Suit.

Players will go through several challenging missions against hi-tech enemies using a vast array of weapons and abilities. Players will also be able to take control of several unique vehicles and turrets that are found within certain areas.

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Well received

According to the Senior Vice President of Commercial Publishing for SEGA Europe, John Clark, there has been a positive response from fans regarding the PC ports they have released so far.

The company recently release the PC version of "Bayonetta" last month, which was received quite well by PC gamers. Due to the response from the community, the company will likely be looking to port some of their highly requested back catalog titles in the near future.

Players who already own a copy of the PC version of "Bayonetta" will be getting a 25 percent discount when pre-ordering the upcoming title. Those who don't have a copy yet can still purchase it until May 25 to get the discount.


Pre-order buyers will be getting a lot of additional goodies, such as access to additional soundtracks, avatars, wallpapers, and a free art book.