Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles are very popular among gamers due to the high graphical capabilities of the platform, and also because of the long list of PS4 exclusive titles which Sony presents to its console users. However, Sony is always looking to improve upon its existing systems. The company launched the PS4 Pro consoles some time back, which allow players to engage in 4K gaming.

Now, a new image has surfaced on Reddit which shows the PlayStation 4 Slim console sporting a brand new golden shade. The redditor also claimed that the golden PS4 was the 1TB variant.

As Sony has not officially confirmed the new hue, the authenticity of the image remains circumspect at the moment.

PS4 Slim 1TB coming in golden shade

The image of the golden device was revealed by redditor called marmaro8. Along with the image, the user also claimed that Sony was going to launch the variant on June 9, just days before E3 2017 commences. One can also make out the Gold colored DualShockers 4 controllers alongside the PS4 Slim console in the picture.

While the Gold shaded controllers are available in some markets, the console itself did not sport the same color previously in the global market. Sony has neither confirmed nor refuted the authenticity of the image or the report of the Golden PS4 Slim being launched in June.

In the thread that was generated with the post, another Reddit user pointed out that the box shot was from a Target store. Sony had introduced the 1TB Ps4 Slim in North America in April this year for $299.99.

In 2015, American fast food company, Taco Bell, had launched a marketing campaign in which the eatery gave away Gold shaded PS4 consoles.

These consoles were the original PS4 system and not the thinned down PS4 Slim. So, there is almost no chance of the console in the leaked picture being one of the Taco Bell PS4. The image which shows the new console shade definitely bears the PS4 Slim console and not the bulkier standard PS4 system.

Is the gold colored PS4 Slim authentic?

The question now remains as to whether the color option shown in the image is real or not. It does look like a real system and may legitimately be launched by Sony ahead of E3. The image shows the art on the box of the PS4 console, which further reinforces that the new variant is really coming and this may not be a fake after all.

Whatever be the case, PlayStation enthusiasts looking to buy the latest Slim version of the console may be able to get the Golden hued device soon.