Ardent 'Pokemon Sun And Moon' fans who have been looking high and low for more challenges finally have something to shout about in the form of a new mod dubbed, 'Pokemon Nova Sun and Pokemon Umbra Moon.'

'Pokemon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon' - New challenges and lots more

The mod above is expected to up the ante regarding difficulty. It comprises challenging to play through, which is highly rewarding. It’s worth noting that 'Pokemon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon' is a mechanical revamp of 2016's Pokemon releases that warranted a challenging Pokemon experience.

'Nova Sun & Umbra Moon' - An Alolan adventure you don't want to miss

The recently divulged mod packs an array of tenacious battles that are an outcome of a perfect balance between high levels, an intensified difficulty curve, and an AI that employs compelling strategies. Take a gander at the trailer below. The 7-minute video highlights the changes to the aboriginal game that the mod includes.

Created by Dio Vento, the said mod encompasses a slew of tweaks, including:

  • Shops now have better items
  • NPCs feature more Pokemon with items, enhanced move sets, if not a complete six monster team. According to the mod creator, every trainer in the game has undergone an overhaul, and the level curve anticipates use of the Experience Share
  • Players can get their hands on a perfect Ditto for breeding
  • Eggs takes comparatively less time to hatch
  • A large category of wild creatures (all capable of holding items) is not restricted to versions or time of day.
  • Evolving is relatively simpler
  • Beefed up Totems strategize new game plan
  • More areas are modified to facilitate EV training
  • Numerous random encounters that have the potential to SOS

Although quite a few of these changes may seem to assist the progress of the game, they are actually introduced to let players grow and wise-up their Pokemon.

With comparatively less investment of artificial time, players can allocate more time to creating better builds, for the sake of addressing the challenge of a taxing difficulty curve.

The complete list of changes is quite comprehensive and can be accessed within the mod notes. The mod creator has also included instructions on how to install the mod.

The mod creator has been hard at works on 'Pokemon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon' since the launch of Game Freak's hit role-playing video games, 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Pokemon Moon.'

The original version of the mod reportedly rolled out in mid-February, and Dio Vento has not ceased working and updating it ever since. The mod is currently in Version 1.5, and this process consumed a back breaking 375 hours to reach that mark.

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