GameFreak and The Pokemon Company, game developers of the role-playing game "Pokemon Sun and Moon" recently announced the addition of four Mega Stones in the game. In addition, the company recently released the update 1.2 of the game and it is now up for download.

Mega Stones and how to use them

The arrival of these four special stones has been confirmed by the company. These four special stones will enable players to unlock Steelix, Heracross, Pidgeot, and Houndoom. These creatures are not found in the Alola region where the Sun and the Moon games are located.

Aside from this, these special stones can also enable trainers to perform more Mega Evolves for free.

How to get the Mega Evolve for free

As shown in the video, trainers can avail the Mega Evolve at no cost if they can add more Mega Stones to their collection. To get these special stones, players need to use the redemption code, which is the four-letter word, AZUL. To do that, trainers should follow these steps. First, open the game, "Pokemon Sun and Moon." As soon as the game has been launched, go to the Mystery Gift tab found on the main menu screen. When you are there, select 'Receive Gift.' After that, choose the "Get with Code/Password" option. Upon execution, connect the game to the Internet and choose 'Yes.' After that, the game will ask for the code, enter the four-letter code AZUL.

See the delivery man at the Pokemon Center and speak to him. He will then give the Mega Stones and don't forget to save the game's progress.

Update 1.2

Meanwhile, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" update 1.2 is now available for download. This patch is essential in order for trainers to participate in online battles. In addition, the latest update fixes glitches and bugs that were causing several issues during several player's gaming experiences.

The update fixes the Pokemon unable to attack and switch upon using Sky Drop. This is also applicable to the monster knocked out by Spiky Shield.

Moreover, the update 1.2 fixes a particular glitch when a trainer enters a new month in Poke Pelago. It also fixes a unique case of the game ending abruptly upon using the last Evolution item in the trainer's bag.

Furthermore, Scatterbug that most often do not learn Egg moves is fixed as well as eggs that at times are used to give items. On top of that, the latest update repaired the glitch which ends a tournament that is pre-registered for online Friday Competiton. This includes Battle Teams getting unlocked or the cancellation of entry in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."