The next generation of Pokemon has begun with Pokemon Sun and Moon's release on November 18th. The big difference between Gen 7 and previous generations - no Gym Leaders. Instead, there's an Island Challenge. In this challenge, trainers must complete trials on each island, not limited to Pokemon battles, then defeat the Kahuna of each island in the Grand Trial. The Kahunas are strong trainers, so you'll need to be on your game here.

Melemele Island Challenge

In this challenge, the trainer must locate and battle a pair of Yungoos in Sun version or an Alolan Rattata in Moon version and a Gumshoos (Pokemon Sun) or Alolan Raticate (Pokemon Moon).

During this trial, you must defeat a Team Skull Grunt. Once beaten, the Team Skull Grunts will assist you in completing the trial. After defeating the Totem Pokemon, the Trial Captain will greet you and give you a reward. Then you'll proceed to the grand trial - a battle with Grand Kahuna Hala.

Grand Kahuna Hala is a master of the Fighting Type. Here's his team:

  • Mankey - Level 14; Moveset - Karate Chop, Focus Energy, Pursuit; Anger Point
  • Makuhita - Level 14; Moveset - Arm Thrust, Fake Out, Sand Attack
  • Crabrawler - Level 15; Moveset - Power-Up Punch, Pursuit, Leer; Ability: Iron Fist; Item - Fightinium Z

The Crabrawler is the problem Pokemon due to its Fightinium Z. Fightinium Z allows a Fighting type Pokemon to upgrade Fighting-type moves to the move All-Out Pummeling.

If you have a good Fairy, Flying or Psychic-type Pokemon on your roster, you should have no trouble with Hala.

Akala Island Challenge

This challenge is split in 3 parts. The first part is set at Brooklet Hill, where you have to find and battle the School Form of the Pokemon Wishiwashi. Then, you'll find yourself at Wela Volcano Park for part 2.

Here, not only will you have to find and battle the Pokemon Salazzle, but you'll also have to spot the difference between two dances that will be performed for you. Part 3 takes you to the Lush Jungle, where you'll have to find 4 ingredients and battle the Pokemon Laurantis. Once the trials are completed, you'll face your 2nd Kahuna - Olivia.

Olivia's specialty is Rock-type Pokemon. That means if you have any Electric-types, have them sit this one out because they'll do you no good here. Here's her team:

  • Nosepass - Level 26; Moveset - Rock Slide, Spark, Thunder Wave - Sturdy Ability
  • Boldore - Level 26; Moveset - Rock Blast, Mud Slap, Headbutt - Sturdy Ability
  • Lycanroc - Level 27; Moveset - Bite, Rock Throw - Item: Rockium Z

There are 2 problem Pokemon here. Those are Nosepass and Lycanroc. Nosepass has Rock Slide, which carries a 1 in 3 chance of flinching you as well as the paralyzing move Thunder Wave. Lycanroc carries with it a Rockium Z, which allows it to use the Z-Move Continental Crush. Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel and Water-types are your best bet here.

Ula'Ula Island Challenge

Not much to say here except that this is 2 parts. Find and battle a Mimikyu at the abandoned Thrifty Megamart, battle Vikavolt at Hokulani Observatory and you're set up for a battle with Kahuna Nanu.

Nanu is the master of Dark Pokemon. He carries a Sableye and Krokorok at Level 38 and an Alolan Persian at level 39. The Persian has Darkium Z, which gives it access to the Z-Move Dark Hole Eclipse. Bug, Fairy or Fighting-types will do you some good here.

Poni Island Challenge

For your final challenge, head to Poni Island and battle the Pokemon Kommo-o. Then, you can battle the final Kahuna - Hapu.

Hapu deals with Ground-types. She packs a serious punch with her team consisting of Dugtrio, Gastrodon, Flygon and Mudsdale. Water and Grass-types should do the trick against her.

Remember these tips, because you'll be seeing the Kahunas the Elite Four!