On Wednesday, Niantic Labs rolled out the latest update of "Pokemon Go." Interestingly, the developer has been so far keeping up with its promise of making the players happy and busy. While the other major updates have not arrived yet, this most recent one will keep the players engaged.

Latest update

Niantic Labs released a new update for "Pokemon Go." It is available to Android and iOS users. Apple users can download and update to version 1.33.1 while Android users can update to version 0.63.1. According to the official patch notes, other languages like Portuguese and Brazillian now has language support.

Also, a new feature is added where players can now check the progress of the game by tapping on the on-screen medal symbol.

Datamined details

Although the update has rolled out changes to the game, it is always the data mined information that excites the players. Recently, data miners have uncovered numerous information about potential changes and additions to the widely played augmented reality game. According to several reports, information about Raids and Pokemon Gym changes were data mined.

Pokemon Go Hub has reported that Gym Raids are inbound, although details about when and how they will work in the game are still scarce.

Moreover, it appears from the information collected from the data mine that Niantic Labs is developing a system of notification to alert trainers about adjacent Raids. Also, there is information gathered that reveals a potential map overlay.

Apart from those, data miners have also unveiled details about a possible feeding activity for Gym-based pocket monsters to keep them from inactivity. Also, the developer seems to be working on increasing the Gym diversity by minimizing creatures of the same species.

Although others look at this as the developer's way of operating the Gym, which is exclusively inhabited by Blissey, it is also possible that this is a tie-in for the upcoming debut of the Legendary Pokemon. It can be recalled that "Pokemon Go" Director and CEO John Hanke made a statement saying that Legendaries are being handled with care and will have restrictions at the Gyms.

The latest version of "Pokemon Go" available for iPhone can be downloaded from iTunes.

Check the update on the iTunes app store dated later than April 7, 2017. The date of the updated version should fall on May 10 or later. For Android users, the latest version can be downloaded from APK Mirror. While there are third-party sources for app downloads, always exercise caution when downloading. Make a habit of downloading from official and credited sites.

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