"Pokemon Sun And Moon" is among the favorite games aside from the augmented reality game "Pokemon Go." Recently, the game's official website has announced that these games will be receiving a fresh mystery gift in the month of May. Here are the steps as well as tips and tricks on how to get the limited edition pocket monsters.

How to get the exclusive monster

Beginning May 15, until June 5, players of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" can pick up the midnight form of Lycanroc at all participating Gamestop stores all over the US. These participating stores will give players a code card that will unlock the exclusive monster in their respective copies of the game.

While the code will last until June 5, players who would like to get the Midnight Form Lycanroc must visit the stores as soon as possible. The codes will absolutely get depleted as soon as it becomes available. When you get the code, several steps must soon be initiated in order to get the exclusive creature in the game.

Steps to get the exclusive monster

First, the player will need to choose the Mystery Gift found on the main menu. Then select Receive Gift. After that, choose the term Get with Code/Password, then choose Yes. Choose Yes again to connect to the Internet. As soon as you have already connected to the Internet, enter the code that you have obtained from the participating stores.

After that, wait for the time you receive Lycanroc into your game.

The next step is to talk to the deliveryman in any Pokemon Center. It is worth noting that players should make sure to save the game as soon as they receive the exclusive creature.

Lycanroc Pokemon

The pocket monster Lycanroc is a Rock-type creature that has a no guard ability. In other words, he will never miss his moves. The exclusive creature will be released as a level 50 monster holding the Life Orb.

This orb will boost his attacks while causing him hit points with every attack.

This very special Midnight Lycanroc is one of the final two evolutions of the generation 7 Pokemon Rockruff in the game. The pocket monster Rockruff can only transform into a Midnight Lycanroc in "Pokemon Moon" upon reaching level 25 on a night time.

Among its movesets are Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch and Swords Dance.

Midnight Lycanroc is illustrated as a bipedal wolf, with little red fur and gleaming pinkish red eyes. The creature has distinct fur wrapping its shoulders and back. This fur runs forward to its head forming a crescent moon.

While Midday Lycanroc who exists in solitude, the Midnight Lycanroc grows in battle. The monster loves a powerful opponent and will only respect players who will tolerate their rough nature in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."