The talks about the arrival of the Legendaries in "Pokemon GO" is as old as the game itself. Like the Shinies, the arrival of these type of creatures is one of the most anticipated. Previous speculations were claiming of their debut in the game. However, months have already passed, and players are still left wanting. Recently, however, the hint about these type of pocket monsters came from the game developer itself.

Latest hints

The reports about this latest claim came from the 21st Annual Webby Awards where the augmented-reality game, "Pokemon GO" snatched five major awards including the highly coveted, "Best Mobile Game." During the said awarding ceremony, Niantic's Global Product Marketing Lead Archit Bhargava said five words that made this recent speculation flood the Internet.

He said, "this summer will be legendary."

It can be recalled than Niantic CEO John Hanke previously confirmed the arrival of the creatures in the game this year. In an interview with Wired, he was quoted saying that he is certain that gamers will see more of the Legendary type of pocket monsters this year.

In our previous report, we revealed some information discovered by data miners. Aside from the known upcoming Gym updates, data miners also disclosed that there is a feeding activity for gym based Pokemon.

Moreover, the mined data showed that the game developer appears to be preparing the Gym for something else aside from the heavily speculated battles. This could be a potential tie-in of the developer in preparation for the launching of the Legendaries.

Possible release date

Since the general idea for the launching of the elusive pocket monsters is on summer, let us get down to the specifics to know when exactly is summer. Officially, summer starts on June 21. If the speculations are accurate, then we are looking for only a few weeks before trainers could finally get their hands on the mystical creatures.

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Meanwhile, several reports claim that before the elusive creatures will have their official debut, Niantic will first roll out the update for the Gym. Most likely, this is a strategic move to keep fans engaged with the game while waiting for the legendary monsters.

Apart from this, the game developer has been so cagey as to which legendary creatures will be launched. However, the logo of "Pokemon Go" reveals Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos will most likely be available soon.