Apple seems to be stepping into real territories with an entrance into the augmented reality realm. Most people are enthusiastic over the fact that Apple is soon to launch iPhone 8 which has been anticipated to be the next big thing in the world. However, this might not be the case as the next big thing for Apple is Augmented Reality. After the launch of the Apple watch, many have been waiting to see what other innovative products Apple would come up with. Companies such as Facebook and Google are also competing in the AR space.

Apple’s entrance into AR is seen by pundits as a move to stay relevant and dominant in the market for the next 20-30 decades because the Future of the company depends on it.

To make sure that it strategically places itself in the market, the company has been hiring staff -- top-notch hardware gurus who will spearhead the process and come up with a product that will place the company on top of the market. The company is indeed making sure that it develops user-friendly products to meet the demands of consumers.

AR products

The company is said to be working towards developing AR-optimized smartphones, glasses, and other innovative products that will hit the market in the future. AR is not as new a thing as some would imagine. App’s such as Snapchat allows the users to change the face and look like what is in the message. Though these apps may look funny, developments that will come in the future will have more advanced utilities.

In order for the company to remain competitive in the market, the number one product that is believed will be the first to hit the market will be some form of wearable glasses.

Glasses are the best products for delivery of AR and this is what Apple is working on as its first leap into AR space. A lot of work will have to be done if Apple want to sell the product to the market.

For example, developing an App that connects the pair of glasses with the iPhone. Analysts anticipate that people will need AR wearable devices.

It will be interesting to see how the major players battle it out in AR space but Apple always develops innovative products and many investors will be looking to see how Apple will come up with products.

What’s next for Apple in AR?

The next iPhone that is set to be launched is rumored to include a 3D mapping chip which will enable the company and 3rd party developers to share. This is said to be Apple’s first AR-optimized smartphone. Other products will be the AR-enabled glasses and AirPods.

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