Microsoft recently announced the remaster of "Phantom Dust" and planned to release it on May 16. The game will have a new perspective and some tweaking for in-game balance during its release. The card data of the game's skills will be contained in Microsoft's server so they will update and tweak the game for balance. In addition to the future updates, there will be downloadable contents that can be used in multiplayer mode. Players will not have problems playing in multiplayer mode because they can use the deck of cards provided by the downloaded content.

Along with the announcement, Microsoft will release "Phantom Dust" remaster free for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. This is something that fans will not miss because it is simply free for two platforms.

In-game competitiveness and achievements

Players will not experience something new but will experience a refreshed version of the game, according to reports. Microsoft just tweaked the graphic and not the whole system of "Phantom Dust." Furthermore, during gameplay, if a player failed a mission three times, they can simply skip it to move on to other quests. Of course, achievements will guide them along the way. However, there are achievements that aim to enhance progress and not just for challenging missions or tasks.

This will give players an incentive to gain these achievements without actually losing sight of the main task.

Pay to gain all the skills

While Microsoft changes the whole graphics of "Phantom Dust" as a downloadable content so that players can choose to download whatever they like. Additionally, Microsoft provides all of the skills immediately, for a couple of bucks.

You can get all the skills," with real money, as Microsoft implies on their message. Moreover, the single-player story progression allows the player to access the game's core deck--building mechanic, sources say.

"Phantom Dust" renders at 1080p resolution on the Xbox One while 4K resolution on the PC. The action-combat, with a combination of psychedelic backgrounds and areas, will become available on May 16 for free.

A recent 19-minute gameplay by Polygon on YouTube reveals the overall game's mechanics and interface. From the looks of it, the current platform used improves the performance and boosts interface. Again, this game is not a remake or reboot of the previous one that was released back in 2004, but only a remaster with new improvements. This is an experience where players reminisce their gaming experience with "Phantom Dust" remaster.