While we know that "Destiny 2" is on the way and will eventually hit store shelves this fall, there isn't lots of info known beyond that. It's possible we got a bit of info about the game thanks to a gamer who managed to place a preorder at a German Gamestop over the weekend. That player says he got ahold of a pre-order for a limited edition, PC version of "Destiny 2". This would, of course, be pretty big news since the first game in this series was released only for consoles. It would make some sense since developer Bungie is leaving the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the dust. Offering the title on PC would go a long way towards replacing that player base.

GameStop offering limited pre-orders of the PC version of 'Destiny 2'

Twitter user @SenSnowy is the one who appears to have spilled the beans on this PC version of "Destiny 2". Just in case people wanted to call his claims into doubt, he posted a picture of the receipt for the pre-order on his Twitter account. In the German GameStop where the user was able to make the purchase, the game cost the equivalent of $120 and seems to be about the right price for rare editions of Bungie's newest piece of work. He posted there might also be a separate Collector's Edition but the store was not able to sell that version just yet.

Rumored Xbox One Beta revealed with a poster

Another "Destiny 2" player took to Reddit to divulge that he found an Xbox One poster which seems to confirm there will be a beta for that platform.

There had been some leaks earlier in the year Bungie was going to be offering some betas in relatively short time. Those leaks had not said the beta would be exclusive to the Xbox One, but it makes sense the developers would cut this kind of a deal. It's hardly the first time there's been exclusivity for something like this. SenSnowy did bring one more little detail.

While his pre-order says the game is coming out on September 17, he was careful to point out the date attached was just a placeholder. So far we still don't know when "Destiny 2" will officially release.

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