Apple is rumored to be developing a glucose monitoring technology, which will be incorporated in the upcoming in the upcoming Apple Watch. Furthermore, the company plans to unveil “interchangeable smart watch bands” that will provide the smartwatch with an array of added functionalities without making it too complicated or expensive. This could also mean that the glucose tracking system could be integrated in the band, rather than in the hardware of the smartwatch.

Diabetes patients sugar level checks

Diabetic patients have to constantly keep their health in check and sometimes even need a shot of insulin at any time of the day.

To get optimum results of the amount of Sugar Level in blood one has to draw a drop of blood with the help of a small needle called lancet and place the drop on a test strip. The test strip with the drop of blood is then inserted in the glucometer which analyzes the blood sample and gives an accurate reading. Other than painful, the whole process is also time consuming and expensive, as the strips of the glucometer are not reusable. Previous attempts to develop a non-invasive glucometer have been futile: the results of those tests were highly inaccurate, and could have endangered the life of the patient. Apple is now reportedly working to develop a new technology, which would result in a non-invasive system to measure accurately Blood Sugar Levels without having to prick oneself to get a drop of blood.

Apple Watch to measure blood sugar?

The United States alone can be accounted for 30 million diabetic patients according to the American Diabetes Association. Thus if Apple efforts will be successful, not only it would turn out as quite profitable for the Cupertino-based company, as implementing the a glucose monitoring system inside the Apple Watch would give the company an edge in the market, but it will also be a major achievement in the world of health and fitness.

It is being hinted that the company has developed a solution that will give accurate results pertaining to blood sugar by monitoring a specific part of the body. Apple may add a camera band to the next-gen Apple Watch, or a band that can extend the battery life of the smartwatch for longer use.

Although the glucose monitoring system would be the stepping stone for the Apple Watch it won’t come as a surprise to see the smartwatch becoming an indispensable part of our lives.