Rumors are rife that Samsung is developing an “Active” variant for the Galaxy S8 smartphones. It is also rumored that the device may arrive on US carrier AT&T in the near future. The rumored smartphone codenamed Cruiser was last spotted on User Agent String last week and has now appeared on Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA). The device has received Wi-Fi certification, which suggests that it is inching closer to its launch and may soon make its US debut.

Galaxy S8 Active certification details

Similar to the User Agent String display, the Wi-Fi Alliance listing does not disclose too many details about the upcoming smartphone.

However, the device is listed with the same model number SM-G892A, which was also seen on the User Agent String. Apart from the model number, the only other thing the Wi-Fi certification reveals is that the Galaxy S8 Active will be running on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. The handset will be launched as an AT&T exclusive.

What to expect from the smartphone?

The million dollar question is how the Active variant will be different from Galaxy S8 flagship smartphones. Samsung’s Active smartphones have always come with larger batteries when compared to than the standard iterations. Thus, one can assume that the Galaxy S8 Active may come with a bigger a bigger battery capacity compared to Galaxy S8+, which houses a 4,000 mAh battery.

This particular theory receives additional support from the codename of the handset.

The codename “Cruiser” denotes a specific classification of 19th century combat ships, which were used to carry out raids, and scout for battle fleet in distant waters. If the the Active variant comes with larger batteries, it can also be safely assumed the as a Cruiser the device can go the extra mile without the need of refueling it for long periods.

Thus, Samsung’s Active smartphone variant in the series would possibly be bigger than the current models.

It can be safely assumed that the Active variant of the smartphone will come with IP68 waterproof certification as the the Galaxy S8 series support the same. Moreover, the MIL-STD-810G standard compliance can also be expected in the Galaxy S8 Active.

However, the inclusion of the Active Key along with Samsung’s smart assistant Bixby in the Active line-up is debatable. It is being rumored that the Active smartphone will be unveiled in June 2017, so it is a matter of few days before we get to know what the smartphone will bring consumers’ way.