Microsoft's event will be happening on May 2 and many are excited about what they will be launching on that day. But for those who are looking forward to the Microsoft Surface Phone or the Surface Pro, they will surely be disappointed since these will not be revealed next month. Instead, the Microsoft May event, which will be held in New York, will focus on education and creativity.

The Windows Mobile phone of the company holds less than one percent of the world's smartphone market, but they did not release a new device for almost a year now. If the Microsoft Surface Phone is indeed coming, then it would mark their smartphone comeback.

Surface Phone release

Many are doubtful about the phone, especially because of its delayed release. Reports are saying that the phone could either be a mere rumor, while other reports note that unless users express their interest in having a Windows phone, Microsoft won't be releasing one.

Because its release is taking too long, the excitement for the phone is dwindling. The speculation that it will be out by 2019 is anyone's guess. One possible reason why the company is holding back the release of the phone is the small percentage of people who are interested in using a Windows Phone. These days, people have already chosen their favorites between Android and iOS phones. With that, a smartphone with a Windows mobile OS might not be on par with the existing phones that most people like.

Rumored features

Although the possibility of a new phone from Microsoft is still questionable, there are many rumors about the specs and features of the device. It is said that the Surface Phone will have stunning features that will impress tech enthusiasts. It will work not just as a smartphone but also as a book or a laptop.

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Microsoft is allegedly creating the most secure smartphone which is a foldable device running PC applications. Their target users are those in the business and corporate world.

A report also added that a patent was made public which is the alledged design for the Microsoft Surface Phone. The phone is multi-layered, built with tiled panels and a curved edge.

This design is intended to give it a continuous display and it will help them achieve their planned foldable device. It has the size of a tablet but once folded, it provides a display that is the size of a smartphone.