huawei has now officially entered the highly competitive laptop market with its first ever ultra-portable laptop, the Huawei Matebook X. The China-based company flexed its engineering and hardware manufacturing prowess with the device as seen in how they have managed to cram in some relatively powerful hardware inside the compact device.

More than just a MacBook clone

At first glance, users will likely mistake the new Matebook X for a 12-inch MacBook laptop if it weren't for the Huawei logos. However, the device actually offers more in terms of its performance. Upon closer inspection, the hardware specs for the clamshell laptop is actually closer to that of the high-end Apple MacBook Pro.

The laptop is an ultra-quiet fan-less 13-inch laptop that is running an Intel U-series processor. The device is built out of aluminum and is only 12.5mm thick. Users will have no problems carrying it around since it only weighs about 2 pounds. This makes the laptop slimmer and lighter that the current generation MacBook Pro, which is 15mm thick and around a pound heavier.

High-end specs in a small form factor

The Matebook X can be optioned to either have an Intel Core i5 processor or a faster i7 processor. The CPU is paired with an ample 8 GB of RAM and sports either a 256 GB SSD or a 512 GB SSD. For those who are looking for more processing power and gaming capabilities, Huawei has also revealed that it will be releasing a more powerful model, called the Matebook D, which will have a Nvidia GeForce 930MX GPU built-in.

While the screen for the Matebook X is a non-touch display, its 2K resolution is still quite a sight to behold. The only real downside to the new device is its minimal ports, which only includes two USB Type-C ports. Fortunately, Huawei does include a multiport adapter that has a USB Type-A port, HDMI, VGA, and another USB Type-C port.

Best sounding ultra-portable in the market

Unlike other ultra-slim laptops, which have tiny, distorted, and low-volume speakers, the Matebook X is the first device to feature a Dolby Atmos sound system built-in. The system includes different hardware and software solutions that provide a superior sound quality.

Dolby collaborated with the company to design the speakers, which have been optimized for movies, gaming, or music. The built-in dynamic sound software also translates to better audio even when using external speakers or headphones.

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