Fans of Ubisoft's recently released hack and slash game "For Honor" should be glad to know that the Season 2 "Shadow and Might" patch 1.07 has arrived and it features several changes to the game. Earlier this month, Ubisoft announced that there will be two new battlefields and two new heroes to enjoy in the game's first DLC. These maps are the Temple Garden and the Forge maps, while the heroes are Knight Hybrid Centurion and the Samurai Assassin Shinobi.

Two new heroes to battle it out with

Those who are looking forward to the "For Honor" Season 2 Shadow and Might patch 1.07 should know that two new heroes will be highly featured in the DLC.

Players can now play as the Centurion from the Knights faction. The Centurion is a Hybrid class who, according to VG247, utilizes the one-handed sword Gladius to inflict damage at close range. Meanwhile, the Shinobi is a Samurai who uses the Kusarigama and is quite tricky to battle, especially in the multiplayer mode. Check out the previews of the two new heroes below.

Two new battlefields to explore in Shadow and Might

In today's "For Honor" Season 2 Shadow and Might patch 1.07 release, players will get to explore the Temple Garden map, which features several variations of time-of-day and weather conditions, making it even more challenging to traverse. Meanwhile, the Forge map is a location in Ashfeld, a place the Knights call home.

It features venues for arms production, as well as a snowed out version that again, makes it more interesting to explore. Click play on the videos below to get a glimpse of the new maps.

Patch 1.07 brings changes to game modes, additional XP

The just-released "For Honor" Season 2 Shadow and Might patch 1.07 also features some changes to all game modes.

The Skirmish now has an added Avenger Renown Bonus of 15 points, as well as a corrected value of Savior 15 Renown instead of 11. Furthermore, 3V1 and 4V1 penalties have now been fixed so that no player gets a negative Renown. Duel, Brawl, Elimination, Skirmish, and Dominion matches will also find increased XP. Players can also expect a new Epic gear rarity after every match and in crates.

Meanwhile, as per Comicbook, those who have "For Honor" on PC will experience several changes to the game for that particular platform as well, including control changes, UI changes, and bug fixes. The update has further improved the multi-GPU performance and has locked the FPS to 60 while in the Main Menu by default.To see the complete list of changes, make sure to visit Ubisoft's official "For Honor" page.