For the past few months, players of the popular hack and slash fighting video game, "For Honor," have been expressing their issues and problems with the game to Ubisoft. However, most of the complaints have fallen on deaf ears, which is why a significant number of players in the community have planned to boycott the game entirely for a whole day.

Banding together to be heard

After receiving no response from developers regarding the ongoing issues players had been having with the game, one user started a campaign to boycott the game on Reddit. The post that asked players to stop playing "For Honor" on April 3 received a huge following and became one of the top posts on the website.

The proposal for the "For Honor" blackout also listed a number of requests and suggestions directed at the game's developers. Chief among the requests is better communication from the developers with the gaming community. Other requests include solutions to some of the main issues currently plaguing the game.

Meet our demands or else

Since the game was launched back in February, "For Honor" players have constantly bombarding Ubisoft regarding issues with its peer-to-peer servers, matchmaking system, problematic combat system, and a rather tyrannical microtransaction feature. For the most part, Ubisoft has been releasing a number of updates to fix some of the issues, but none of the more serious ones have been resolved.

Ubisoft's rapid response

Following the call to boycott the game, Ubisoft immediately held a Livestream event on Twitch to directly address the complaints. The game's producer, Stéphane Cardin, and its directors, Damien Kieken and Roman Campos-Oriola, were present during the stream to directly address each major complaint.

The developers promised players that they will fix the server instability via a future update.

The issue is apparently their number one priority as of the moment and they will be focusing on fixing it before anything else. The team also revealed that there are some big balance changes that will be coming out soon. To address the "open communications" issue, Ubisoft is planning to start a new weekly developer update that should give players all the information they need to know regarding possible changes and updates.

Calling off the 'For Honor' boycott

After the Livestream had aired, the user who started the boycott thread called off the entire blackout and explained that most of their requests have been met. The Reddit user also admitted that the boycott may have been the wrong move, but it was still able to achieve its purpose.