The biggest video game convention of the year, the Electronic Expansion Expo or E3, is all set to take place in June. Gamers from all over the world await with bated breath for the event, which offers them an early glimpse of the various titles scheduled to be released in the future. Every major game developer hosts their own conference during the event showcasing their upcoming games and new IPs.

The event, which is scheduled from June 13-15 in Los Angeles, will also see video game journalists and popular reviewers from around the globe in attendance.

Some of the major developers have already finalized the date and time that their conference will take place including the likes of Sony, Bethesda, Microsoft, and EA. However, it can also be stated with some certainty when Ubisoft’s conference will take place.

Confirmed schedules

The first to host their conference will be Electronic Arts or EA, and their event is scheduled for Saturday, June 10 at 3 p.m. ET. The company is likely to host the “FIFA 18,” “Madden 18,” and “NBA 18” games along with the upcoming “Need For Speed” title and “Star Wars Battlefront 2.” However, this has not been confirmed officially by the studio.

Microsoft and Bethesda will hold their events on Sunday, June 11. Microsoft’s conference will start at 5 p.m.

ET. The game publisher is likely to introduce its Xbox Project Scorpio console during the event and dazzle gamers with the alleged power of the next-gen device. It is not known whether Microsoft will introduce any Xbox One exclusive titles at the event.

Bethesda, on the other hand, did not confirm the time when its event would be held but sent out a mysterious picture detailing all of its popular titles, perhaps teasing a big reveal coming gamers’ way.

However, after the image was studied, people posted that the next “Wolfenstein” title along with the “Evil Within 2” may be the ones to be unveiled at the event.

On Monday, June 12, Sony will hold its conference as confirmed by the company. It will take place at 9 p.m. ET, but the developer has so far remained tight-lipped about what to expect game-wise during the conference.

However, it is very likely that it would show off the much-awaited “Last of Us 2,” which was teased back in E3 2016.

Unconfirmed schedules

Ubisoft is yet to mention a specific date when it would hold its conference. However, past years have shown that the developer usually schedules it for June 12, and it may be the case this year as well. Like 2016, Nintendo has confirmed that it will give the event a miss.