Niantic has now dished out a brand new Event for "Pokémon Go" players, which should get players off their couches and into the fields. Similar to the "Water Festival" event that was recently launched for the game, the brand new event will be based on elemental types. The event, called "Worldwide Bloom," will involve the increased appearance of Grass-type Pokémon across the world.

The event's back-story

To promote the brand new "Pokémon Go" event, Niantic has published a new announcement that seemingly provides a back story as to why there has been an increase in the spawn rate of Grass-type Pokémon.

The announcement reveals that Professor Willow has apparently found out through his research that the spawn rate of Grass-type Pokémon will dramatically increase over the weekend, starting on May 5.

Increased chances of an encounter

The rapid frequency of the certain Pokémon, such as Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Exeggcute, Paras, and Tangela, appearing in the wild will, unfortunately, be quite limited as it will only last until May 8. This means that players will only get a small window to catch certain Grass-type Pokémon and to collect as many of them in order to upgrade their existing creatures.

To increase the chances of catching these Pokémon, Niantic also announced on Twitter that they would be enhancing the effectiveness of Lure Modules to six hours over the weekend.

This means that applying Lures to Pokéstops may be the most efficient way to gather as many Pokémon as possible during the event.

A prelude to bigger events

Unlike the "Water Festival" event, the new "Worldwide Bloom" events seem to be rather limited. The previous event offered a lot more features and was larger in scale. For one, the previous event lasted for a week and had featured a new stylish Magikarp hat.

The event also featured the appearance of new shiny Pokémon.

However, there is still the possibility that Niantic may have a few surprises up their sleeve over the weekend, but that has yet to be seen. Niantic has been continually promising fans more holiday-related and special events within the game that will be taking place throughout the year.

The new Grass-type event may just be a filler event that is meant to fill in the blank spaces in between larger events. If this is indeed true, then fans may be in for an even grander event the next time around that may contain new features and even possibly some new additions to the game.