A university student, Adrian Perez Zapata, is hoping that his concept of flying, cleaning robots will become a reality in the not-so-distant future. The concept design in question is called Mab, which is a cleaning system that consists of hundreds of tiny little flying robots. These robots will clean every surface of your home while you sit back and relax.

Here are the five steps it will take to configure your very own MAB robot cleaning system.


To begin, the system requires a preliminary energy charge. At the moment, MAB comes with three easy ways to acquire the necessary amount of energy.

The first step is to use something known as “WiTricity.” It’s a wireless transfer mode, but we can’t be certain if it works as intended at this time. Now, if for some reason WiTricity is not available, MAB will then request that the user install a wireless charging base directly to the built-in power supply. We understand MAB plans to only use wireless charging for the first load, which could turn out to be a bit of a problem. The final way to gain energy through this thing is to capture energy from the wings of the micro-bots using Solar Energy. This is one of the best options available, and the one many will likely go with.

Load the cleaning substance

When it comes down to adding the chemicals for cleaning, the product requires a set amount of water, along with the cleaning component.

Furthermore, MAB will explain to the user where they should insert the elements, and from there, the device will take care of mixing them together before going forward.

Scan the space

Before cleaning, MAB will first examine the home while in flight. It will locate the best areas in the home before beginning.

Schedule cleaning cycles

With data, MAB is capable of recommending weekly cleaning, along with the ability to indicate resource consumption. Furthermore, cleaning sessions can be planned ahead of time, along with the level of clean you want. Want to run a custom cleaning session? No problem, the system is more than capable.

Connectivity and notifications

Now, the MAB is a connected device, something that is part of the Internet of Things. Because of this, it can provide notifications and connect to several devices such as smartphones, computers, and your home automation system. If the system becomes a reality, it won’t be the first housekeeping robot to exist. Roomba or Neato currently exist for less than $600. These little robots will do a good job cleaning your home, but they won’t replace a good broom.