Do you think your Apple Watch is perfect? Well, here comes a smartwatch which will put your fixed-display FitBits and Pebbles to shame. It's more a kind of robot than a smartwatch!

Yes, a report has just come out that tech scientists have developed a new smartwatch with a display that moves in five different directions. Dubbed as Cito, this smartwatch prototype can rotate, hinge, translate, rise and orbit to address the limitations of current wrist-tied smartwatches.

With an aim to make smartwatches a more convenient gadget for usage, Cito is being developed to fit into the daily lifestyles of consumers.

Take a look at the video outed by the makers of Cito to get more information on what all the smartwatch can do.

Cito has been developed by a team at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire and the University of Waterloo to solve the visibility issues and make it convenient to use a smartwatch in every situation. Cito is equipped with several motors to shift the angle of the display to view without moving the hands or the arms.

For example, if you're holding a heavy object with both your hands, the smartwatch will automatically orbit around the wrist when a notification comes, so you won't be required to put down what you're carrying.

Also, the awkward moment when your smartwatch is hidden under your shirt's sleeves - you can easily catch up on the notification without pulling up your sleeves, as Cito will automatically slide out of your sleeve.

Further, if the user is playing a game, the screen will tilt automatically to gain your attention from the computer screen or even ii you're away from your smartwatch, it would do the same to tell you that someone sent you a message while you were away.

Meanwhile, Cito is still in development and it's an early prototype, as currently, the smartwatch is performing all the functions with the help of a large box strapped to the wearer’s upper arm which has all the hardware fitted into it.

Hence, as per reports, it's logical not to expect the smartwatch being released in the market in the near future.

But if it comes for real, Cito smartwatch will dramatically improve the functionality, performance and the drawbacks associated with the device category and will help the users become more independent by overcoming the limitations of the fixed-display smartwatches.

As per IANS reports, Cito will be presented at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Colorado. Let us know in the comment's section below if you like the Cito and stay tuned to Blasting News for more next generation gadgets updates.

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