If there is one thing that is creating a buzz in the mobile game world, it is the “Pokemon GO.” In addition, Niantic has been keeping its promise of providing events, updates, and surprises for the players of the phenomenal augmented reality game.

The latest buzz right now is about the potential Easter Event that is anticipated to launch this April. For now, all players can do is speculate and wait. The best thing about waiting is the ample time we all have that we can use to prepare for the upcoming event. We have come up with a list of things that we should not forget in case the event is rolled out.

Evolution items

The team behind the augmented reality game in the previous month rolled out an update that will help the player get the extra-elusive evolution items.

Right now, a visit at the Pokestop everyday will get you a guaranteed special item on the seventh day of the visit. These special items are essential in the game as they are used in evolving the monsters. The special item Sun Stone when paired with Gloom will produce Bellossom. When this item is coupled with Sunkern, players will get Sunflora.

King’s Rock is another kind of special item that when paired with Poliwhirl will produce a Politoed. You can also use it with Slowpoke to get Slowking. Moreover, Metal Coat when coupled with Onix will give you Steelix and will yield Scizor when coupled with Scyther. You can also use the Upgrade and match it with Porygon to get Porygon 2. Furthermore, Dragon Scale when matched with Seadra will yield a Kingdra.

Shiny Exeggcute

After the Water Festival event, Niantic has officially left Shiny Magikarp in the wild for players to capture.

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The upcoming Easter event in “Pokemon GO” might also bring another shiny or a set of shinies. A recent tip from a source who do not wish to be named suggested that the next shiny pocket monster that will be featured in the upcoming event is Exeggcute.

This creature is a Grass-Type and appears to look like a bunch of eggs. The good thing about this type of pocket monster is that it is not very common and not extra-rare at the same time. If you see a bunch of eggs with a strikingly bright color and an icon appearing in “Pokemon GO” soon, that is it.