The South Korean tech giant just released one of the year's most interesting Android smartphone in the market. However, there are already talks that the company is already in the development of Samsung Galaxy S9. While this is too early for any official confirmation from the company, a report from South Korea recently dropped the bomb about the potential specs of the next flagship device from Samsung.

In talks with Qualcomm

According to a report from Aju Business Daily through The Investor, the South Korean tech giant is currently talking to Qualcomm for the development of the next generation chipset for its next S flagship. Reportedly, the chipset will be called Snapdragon 845.

After Qualcomm has completed the development, either TSC or Samsung will commence the manufacturing of Snapdragon 845 and production of the Galaxy S9.

Snapdragon 845 chipset

At present, it is still not clear what Qualcomm will equip the next chipset with and what improvements will it apply. The Snapdragon 835 is already impressive as it shows significant speed as compared to the company's previously used chips. It is expected that they will allow more emphasis on the performance side while making it more efficient with using lesser battery consumption and extending longer battery life.

It is also speculated that the next generation chipset from Qualcomm would potentially integrate enhancements for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. This would make the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 VR and AR ready.

Another posting on Weibo, a Chinese website, claim that the next chipset from Qualcomm will be called Snapdragon 84X. The report further said that the device would be launch in the last quarter of 2017. The next generation chip is anticipated to be released with eight cores.


As early as today, there are already news articles reporting of possible specs and features of the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

Sunny Gandhi, tech concept designer, shared his own version of the device. The concept boasts a three-edged Infinity display.

This means that the screen of the device is curved on three sides. Also, the speaker is now embedded in the glass display of the smartphone. Another interesting feature about this concept is its extra-thin design. It will also house a Super Capacitor battery that can be fully recharged in two minutes.

For now, these are all speculations and concepts about the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Consumers can, however, expect more of these to surface in the months to come. With users now more technologically inclined about the specs and features of their smartphones, it is but proper to assume that the makers will improve and integrate more of attractive designs and specs for their next devices.

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