Have you happened to watch something and wished you never get a glimpse of? Well, the latest trailer for the upcoming game "Outlast 2" is something like that or more, depending on your tolerance of horror. With its imminent launch, the people from Red Barrels Studio surely know how to kick start our nightmarish fright.

Release details

"Outlast 2" is set to be released on Tuesday, April 25. On the same date, the company will also release the retail bundle called Trinity. This is a disc-based game packed with "Outlast," "The Whistleblower DLC," and "Outlast 2." It will be released on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

There were several claims that it will be available on PC, however, checking on retailers, it appears that there is no evidence that it will be indeed released on PC on April 25.


Red Barrels Studio gave fans another heart-rending thrill in its latest trailer.it is in a way a precedent to what fans should expect in the upcoming game. It gives a very unsettling atmosphere and spine-chilling tone. In the trailer, fans can see Blake Langerman, the game's main character. He is trying to run away from the villagers and what seems to be a supernatural occurrence.

If the trailer is to be the basis of the entire game, one can tell that it is a far cry from its predecessor in terms of graphics rendering quality.

The environment, atmosphere, the characters, lightings and even shadows have seen a massive overhaul as compared to its prequel.

Demo and other releases

Red Barrels Studio apart from releasing the trailer also launched a demo. This official demo is for fans to experience first-hand what the survival-horror game would be like.

Aside from the demo, there were several recordings released as promotional material for the upcoming game. Also, another gameplay video that runs for a span of 10 minutes was released. It mainly highlights the mechanics, settings, and even the exploration elements of "Outlast 2."


Red Barrels Studio's upcoming fight game is a different offering from its predecessor.

The setting now takes place on a farm rather than in the previous dark and creepy mental asylum. In this game, as the main character, you will try to escape and find your missing wife. The game also inhibits the player to see clearly in the dark, with the video camera giving only a limited view.

Horror genre

Currently, in the survival-horror genre, Capcom's "Resident Evil 7" is the leading game. "Friday the 13th The Game" will also release anytime soon. There were only a handful of terrifying games that are in the market. It is one excellent opportunity for the upcoming game to get a chance to challenge these games in this particular genre. As one of the highly anticipated release, fans look forward that “Outlast 2” will deliver beyond their expectations not only in the fright aspect but also in overall gameplay experience.